Who can get glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an age-related disease

Although glaucoma may occur at any age, it mainly affects persons over 40 years of age. Among forty plus adults  two percent of the Belgian population has glaucoma, reason why it is important to have your eyes checked once you have reached this age. Moreover, the risk increases with age. Four percent of Belgians have the disease at age 80. Therefore it is recommended to have an eye check every two year after the age of 40 and every year after the age of 65.

Genetic factors

To have family members with glaucoma puts you at a higher risk. Moreover, you may develop the disease at an earlier age.  If you are aware that glaucoma runs in your family, you are strongly advised to see an eye doctor. This holds true not only for immediate family members (parents or siblings) but also if more distant family members suffer from glaucoma.

Additional risk factors

Some additional risk factors have been identified, the most important being severe near sightedness (myopia) and African descent.