What can one do to avoid glaucoma?

Eye pressure

Raised eye pressure, the main cause of glaucoma, is due to obstruction of fluid outflow. This local process inside the eye cannot be influenced by lifestyle or diet. Whether or not you strain your eyes during work or hobby does not impact glaucoma either. Further, eye pressure has nothing to do with blood pressure. Stress might increase eye pressure slightly, but never to the extent that this becomes an important factor in the aggravation of the glaucoma.
There are some rather exceptional situations where a person might induce harmful eye pressure increases. These comprise fervently playing high distance wind instruments (such as trumpet), and…Yoga! Assuming a head-down or inverted body position can increase eye pressure due to gravity. The drug cortisone is also known to be able to increase eye pressure.

Blood flow

The other important risk factor for glaucoma is reduced blood flow in the eye that makes the nerve cells more prone to raised eye pressure. Sometimes you can do something about that. It is for instance a good idea to stop smoking. Further, it is important to know that low blood pressure is more harmful than a high one. If you are being treated for high blood pressure, make sure it does not go down too much!