BGS items

Business Cards

We provide Business Cards with our Website Address for handing out to patients. This will help you save time, while giving your patients access to all relevant information concerning glaucoma.

BGS card

As a BGS member you can order free packs of 75 cards here.

Patient Information Booklets

Booklets with a summary of the “Information for Patients” section of this website are available in Dutch or French.

folder 2012Glaucome

Free copies can be ordered here.

Prints demonstrating the Subjective Perception of Visual Field Defects

As a BGS member you can order free copies of plastic-coated high quality prints in A4 format here, to help you explain to the patient how visual field defects are filled-in by the brain.


The prints are double-sided, Dutch version on one side, French version on the other.
Click on the PDF-file for the science behind the prints.

About the filling-in of visual field defects

Posters for making the Public aware of Glaucoma

Our posters are printed in A2 format and are double-sided, Dutch version on one side and French version on the other.


BGS members can order free copies here.

Posters on the Definition of an Absolute Scotoma in the Central Visual Field for Driver Licenses

Click here to download this poster.

Informed Consents

Informed Consents for glaucoma laser therapy and surgery are available here.